Hi! I'm the senior staff writer at Bon Appétit, where I write a monthly etiquette column, enthusiastic Trader Joe’s reviews, a weekly weirdo newsletter, and whatever else comes my way for Basically, Healthyish, BA.com, and the magazine.

Sometimes I write about beauty for Into the Gloss and The Cut. Books (this one time) for The New York Times. And robot fashion for Garage. I’ve been known to do some copywriting too, like this catalog for Loloi rugs.

Previous gigs: I was an associate editor at Vanity Fair, where I wrote a lot about Broadway and rosé. Once upon a time I was the assistant to author James McBride. Before that I was a nanny (scroll down here to read a little thing about that) and when I look back on it, it was definitely my best work.

Reach out! alexandra_beggs @ condenast dot com 

Instagram: @alexandrabeggs

I like martinis.